Rules and Scoring

What is cross country scoring?

Click here for the basics of cross country scoring (this is not our document, but thank you for the lovely people in Ohio for giving a very nice overview of a lot of cross country basics).

Can all the runners on my team race?
Yes, the first 5 will score (per division, per team) with 2 "displacements." (basic XC Scoring), but every single runner that is registered on your team can race, in fact, the more that do the more points your team will score toward the series total.

How will scoring work between divisions?
All teams may compete in all divisions based on the makeup of their teams. A team with 4 women and 1 man will be considered a "Women's" team, as a 4 men and 1 woman team will be considered a "Men's" team. A mixture of 3 men and 2 women or 2 women and 3 men will be considered mixed. As long as you have at least 4 men and 4 women on your team you may be eligible to compete in ALL 3 divisions during the same race!

What are the awards?
Overall Team Awards per Season 
Also a few other prizes like the Hidden Pie Prize (yes, it involves pie).

What the heck is the Hidden Pie Prize?
Well, it's just what it sounds like. We'll hide a card or two somewhere along the course that says "PIE" on it. If you find it and bring it to the finish line, you win the pie and score points toward your team's season total!

How is the Season Total calculated?

​The season total points are gathered as follows per race (highest total wins the series).

  • First place team in division = the number of points that equals the total number of teams
  • Second place team in division = Total number of teams minus 1
  • Third place team in division = Total number of teams minus 2
  • Fourth place, etc, continues in the same fashion, last team in the series gets 1 point
  • Each participant per team = 1 point
  • Injured or otherwise nonrunning team member who volunteers = 1 point
  • Hidden Pie Card = 1 point