When/where are the races?
There will be 7 races.  Dates and locations for 2019 TBA

​How much does it cost? 

It costs $50 per registered runner for the team scoring for the entire series.  Anyone can race the races individually, but then they can't participate in team scoring and you won't get a t-shirt.  It's $25 per race a la carte.

Cool. I'm in. How do I pay? 
Pick a team name and a team captain.  Once the team captain has registered himself (and created your team), they will need to tell the rest of the team what the team password is.  With the team password, the rest of the team can register as well either by clicking the "registration" link above or on runsignup.com

How many people should each team have?
Each team needs to have at least 5 people to participate in cross country scoring, preferably another two (to make 7 team members) so that you can properly participate in the full cross country scoring.  Beyond that, you can have as many as 20 members and participation scores will count toward your season-long score, so fill it up!

What is cross country scoring?
Here's a list of rules (from Ohio)... 

Can all the runners on my team race?
Yes, the first 5 will score (per division, per team) with 2 "displacements." (XC Scoring), but every single runner that is registered on your team can race.

How will scoring work between divisions?
All teams may compete in all divisions based on the makeup of their teams. A team with 5 women will be considered a "Women's" team, an a 5 man team will be considered a "Men's" team. A mixture of 3 men and 2 women or 2 women and 3 men will be considered mixed. As long as you have at least 8 men and 8 women on your team you may be eligible to compete in ALL 3 divisions during the same race!  Runners who have scored as part one division can not score for any other division.

What are the awards?

Overall Team Awards per Season 
Also a few other prizes like the Hidden Pie Prize (yes, it involves pie).

Should we bother making team shirts?
YES!  Each team should have their own team shirts.  If you're wondering how to do that, we can guide you if necessary.

Can I wear spikes? 
Yes! Wearing spikes is encouraged as we will be off road on cross country courses, but it is not required.  Your official STXC Cross Country Spike Night get together will be at Confluence Running, where we will hang out and talk XC and give you a chance to check out our spike options!

Will there be aid stations during the race?
Unfortunately no aid stations will be provided but we welcome a BYO handheld water bottle and/or belt.

I can only race in a couple of races, can I still race on a team?
Yes!  You would want to sign up for the full cross country series to join a team, even if you can't make it to all the races. This makes things more straight forward for all involved, plus you get the t-shirt.  Be aware, though, that participation points help your team score toward the season total.

I don't have a team, can I still participate in the XC series?
Absolutely!  If you'd like, we can help you find a team (contact us via email at STXCSeries@gmail.com).  Otherwise, you can sign up for the series unattached and register as a "team" anyway.  We encourage you to find a team, even if it's just recruiting your non-running (yet) friends.  Cross country is so much fun when you have the camaraderie of a team!

I feel like I'm too slow for cross country, but it seems interesting, is it worth making a team, anyway? 
Yes it is! First, every person on your team contributes to your score in a variety of ways, but beyond that the final points tally takes participation into account. Also, the slower you're going, the more likely you are to find the hidden pie prize!

What the heck is the Hidden Pie Prize?
Well, it's just what it sounds like. We'll hide a card or two somewhere along the course that says "PIE" on it. If you find it and bring it to the finish line, you win the pie and score points toward your team's season total!