About Us

It all started with a group of runners reminiscing about the glory days.


The crisp fall air, the brightly colored leaves, the muddy spikes!  We wondered how we could bring back the competitive side of our cross country days while making it accessible to newer runners who never got to experience that fun.  We decided to make it a competitive series, but with a twist.  Participation points and pie!


We're entering our third season of Southern Tier Cross Country and we couldn't be more excited to spend it running and tailgating with all our friends!

Our Mission

01. Bring the fun of Cross Country Races to the wider community

Cross country: it's not just for kids anymore!  Watch your kids race on Saturday and then race the course yourself on Sunday!  No kids?  That's ok, try something new or relive the glory days of your high school cross country experience!

02. We guarantee it's not just about competition, it's about fun!

If you're someone who enjoys strong competition: bring it, but if you're someone who just enjoys running with your friends or being out in nature or just looking to shake up your run training, this is the perfect place for you, as well!  Points for your team are gained not only by the typical cross country scoring method, but also by participation and bringing home the Hidden Pie Prize!  And who doesn't like pie, anyway?


03. You'll test your limits

Cross Country racing is very different from road racing. The hills are a bit steeper, the ground is softer, and the chance to score points for your team can be a good motivator to move faster!  What better way to change up your training and gain some real advantage when you get back on the road?