Neck & Neck:

We’ve got a number of runners and teams that are duking it out for place points or standings in our series! Hellcat Harriers and Newbsanity are currently neck and neck for both the mixed and men’s teams - their points totals are very close and the next race either one could pull ahead. Individual runners have been flipping back and forth as well. For instance, Josh Walburger (Hellcat Harriers) and Brittany Conroy (Thirsty Harriers) are currently back and forth in terms of place position. Jenna Jenks (Thirsty Harriers) and Casondra Hamilton (
Pace Negotiable) are in a similar situation with Hamilton coming in ahead of Jenks in the first race, and Jenks leading Hamilton in the second. Time will tell which ones will show the ability to pull ahead!

In The Hunt:

As with last year, Pace Negotiable is focused on catching up to the Thirsty Harriers to get that first place position though the Thirsty Harriers were able to widen the gap in both the “mostly men” and the “largely ladies” divisions at Maine Memorial, holding steady on their lead in the mixed division. Other notable close chases are of Up N’Autumn’s chase down of Newbsanity in the women’s division, trailing by a narrow three points in today's race. Hellcat Harriers' ladies were also close to catching Newbsanity II, coming in only 4 points behind.

Some notable individuals have been narrowing the gap between themselves and a competitor. Amy Merrick (Cool Runnings) closed the gap to finish right behind Allie Newbie (Newbsanity) at Maine Memorial, a three-runner difference from Pheasant Hill. Andrew Norton and James Wilson (both Thirsty Harriers), continue to narrowly trail Michael Jones of TVCXC. Let's see if they can catch him in the hilly Binghamton University Course, next week.

Bib of shame sightings:

Steve Esposito took first place with his bib of shame, and Rebecca Miller proudly sported a bib of shame as well.

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Race #2 Pictures

Allie Newbie, focused on her race.

Josh Walburger closing the gap.

Rebecca Miller sporting her bib of shame

Brittany Conroy tearing it up

Maine Memorial 2016 Rundown: